This Week in IPad - iPad 2 is here!

This Week in IPad - iPad 2 is here!

iPad 2 is here and we got our hands on one! Jacob reviews iMovie, and Garage Band for the new device, while Andrea reviews ArtRage and eBook Magic for the original iPAd. Also, news comes through that TimeWarner now has an iPad App and Google TV offers a new iPad-based remote. For more on the show, and all of our previous episodes, visit

I think I've unlocked all the secrets of my iPad. Now what?

4% aqui no iPad, vou dormir pra n ter q por pra carregar Bjs good night

RT @iRobbedYoDaddy: death to these "free ipad giveaways" in my mentions.

@haanniiff ayo follow @Capppung, karena dia orng yg baik suka bagi2 hadiah dan akan ada Ipad,BB,nexian,dan voucher 200 ribu menanti!

iPad 3の小型版出たら買いますので。

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